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2018 Overtake of the Year

We held a cross-platform online poll to decide your favourite overtake from our 2018 season. Four choices became two and in the grand final, one clear victor emerged.

Taking victory in it's semi final with 85% of the vote, then thumping the competition in the final with 89% of the vote, the move around the outside of Duffus in round 2 of the championship well and truly deserves the accolade of 2018 Overtake of the Year!

So, as our Christmas gift to you all, here is the onboard footage! Read on for Jordan's memories of the weekend and the move itself.

Thank you to everyone who voted and Merry Christmas!

"It was the first meeting of the season and I remember the whole thing very well. The move actually came about because of previous events that day and although I'd rather not have had to make that pass in the first place, it was nice in hindsight to put together something which the fans loved."

"Pre-season testing had gone pretty well and we seemed to be on the pace. Then Saturday practice came and it was becoming clear that ourselves and Ross Martin were very closely matched on pace. Qualifying on Sunday morning confirmed that as we battled for pole position and it swapped between us a few times - although ultimately Ross came out on top. Then in the first race things started to unravel. The gear selection fork broke and we retired whilst running second - pretty frustrating! It took dad working relentlessly for the rest of the day (alongside tools and parts from other teams) to fix but he did it and we got back out for the second race - albeit starting at the back."

"It felt great in the car and I'm glad it's been chosen as the overtake of the year because successfully going around the outside of Duffus is always pretty special!"

"The race itself was great fun as we were able to battle back through the pack. I remember taking it pretty easily on the first lap or so, not wanting to end up getting caught in anyone else's accident whilst the pack settled down as that would have completely destroyed our weekend. But as the race unfolded we started to pick off cars and the pace again seemed very good. We got as far as Neil Broome in 3rd and then, due to a slight misalignment in the gears after changing the parts, I missed the change down into 1st gear at the hairpin and had to defend pretty quickly to avoid losing places again."

"We recovered as the cars behind started to fight and by the next lap around I was close enough on Neil to have a look again. He defended into the hairpin, which is the main overtaking spot, so there was no way past there. But I got a good slipstream up the main straight so was close coming over the line. He defended the inside line but I felt confidant in the car and my momentum so went for the outside and thanks both to the car and to Neil's skilful driving, the move worked out."

"It felt great in the car and I'm glad it's been chosen as the overtake of the year because successfully going around the outside of Duffus is always pretty special!"

"An extra bonus from the move was that it meant we finished on the podium. Being the Jim Clark 50 year memorial meeting, we came away with a commemorative trophy, which was very special."

You can watch the full race below, with commentary from the excellent Duncan Vincent, thanks to Edinburgh Collage and the SMRC. Skip to 4:50 for the move itself.

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