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2020 Season Statement

It is with immense disappointment that we acknowledge the Scottish Motor Racing Club’s recent decision to cancel the 2020 Scottish Formula Ford Championship.

In June, the SMRC asked members who were still interested in racing this year to provide a deposit to confirm their intentions; the aim being to run a reduced three-event season in September and October, complying with COVID-19 precautions and regulations.

For the seven championships, the number of deposits received were as follows:

Citroen C1s – 21

Classic Sports & Saloons – 19

Legends – 12

Ford Fiestas – 11

Mini Coopers – 11

Formula Ford – 5

Supersport – 2

Mini Cooper S – 1

Based on this, the SMRC have made the decision to maximise the available track-time for four classes, amalgamating Fiestas, Minis and Mini Cooper S cars into a single ‘hot hatch’ race. As a result, the classes racing in 2020 are:

Citroen C1

Classic Sports & Saloons

Hot Hatch


Whilst this is obviously great news for competitors in these classes, it leaves those of us in Formula Ford with the heart-breaking revelation that we will not be competing at all this year.

Racing is our life and has been for many years. The decision to cancel the 2020 championship has ultimately extinguished the light that was at the end of the tunnel for us, and our fellow competitors, as we looked forward and out of the COVID-19 situation.

As a racing team, we remain fully committed to Formula Ford and we now call on all of the other teams and drivers in Scotland, including those potential newcomers to the series, as well as the SMRC itself to join together and use our collective energies to ensure the Scottish Formula Ford Championship returns with renewed vigour and success in 2021.

We wish all competitors this season a safe and successful return to the track and we dearly hope to join you again in the future.

The Jordan Gronkowski Racing Team

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