2020 to Officially Launch on 19/03/20

The 19th of March, 2020. That's the date for your diary as the official start of the team's 2020 season!

In partnership with official team sponsor, Highland (Service Stations by Highland Fuels), the team will take the covers off the 2020 season challenger at the Garfield House Hotel in Stepps at an evening event which will include a buffet dinner for all guests.

"I know I speak for the whole team when I say that we're immensely excited for the 2020 season to begin at the launch event!" Said Jordan. "We have always marked the start of our racing season in some way and last year was the first time we had an event open to the general public. Thanks to Highland Service Stations, this year's event is set to be our biggest and best yet and I'm really looking forward to sharing the start of our 2020 journey with all the guests."

The coming season marks the first time that the team have started a year as the reigning champions in a series since 2006. But unlike the GKC Club Championship that year, this time it is the Scottish Formula Ford Championship Title which they will defend. How are they approaching this milestone season?

"The same way as we've prepared for every year." is Jordan's response. "We'll go into a little bit more detail at the launch to help everyone understand exactly the kind of work that goes in over the winter, but for us; we're approaching this season just like every other one - looking at where we weren't as strong as we'd like to have been in the previous year and trying to improve in those areas, whilst making sure we don't compromise in others. This season has it's own set of unique challenges as well - one of which is the away round at Anglesey - so we've also been busy investigating the possibilities and potential of those."

"The first actual track action of the year is scheduled for the 16th of February, when we'll shake-down the car for the first time. But that's a very short day, mostly about system checks and the car will run in a stripped-down interim livery. The launch is the first time we'll be showing-off our 2020 challenger in all it's glory ahead of the final pre-season test that weekend on the 22nd."

You can be there to help the team kick-start 2020 in style. Entry to the launch is free and the invitation is open to everyone - although guests are advised to inform the team directly by the 2nd of March if they plan to attend so that the buffet can be sized appropriately. Contact the team via email at myracespace@outlook.com to book your place.

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