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167 days after the infamous February test in which the engine blew, the team were back at Knockhill Racing Circuit with their newly-unveiled 2020 car to put some miles in and officially launch their season.

Four 15-minute session were the order of the day as the limited number of Formula Ford and Legend cars combined to share the circuit during the sessions.

The team's day started with some problem solving as Jordan pitted after just a single lap reporting a lack of power. Analysis of the issue eventually resulted in a spark plug problem being identified as the cause. The spare spark plugs were fitted for the second session and the remainder of the day unfolded without any major issues. By all measures, it was a successful and extremely enjoyable return to the circuit after such a long enforced break.

Photo: Thomas Oconnor

Jordan spoke about the day:

"Firstly, it is absolutely fantastic to be back out on a real circuit in a real racing car! I've had to content myself with sim racing during the break and whilst that is great fun and a huge challenge in itself, nothing compares to the feeling of driving around in an open wheel, open cockpit racing car for real! Thank you to Knockhill for putting this day on for us and for everyone else behind the scenes who helped make this happen.

We obviously had a bit of a hiccup at the start of the day on the engine side, which I have to say was a bit heart-in-mouth for me after our experience in February, but it turned out to be a relatively simple fix and dad did a great job of identifying and remedying the problem in time for the second session. Ultimately these things are why we go testing and thank goodness we had this day, as missing a session down at Oulton Park (for the first round of the 2020 Scottish Formula Ford Renegade Cup) would have been a bit of a disaster given that we're going to need all the track time we can get to learn the circuit.

As for the rest of the day, we pretty much just picked-up where we left off in February. We've got a number of changes on the car that we made over the winter, so we ran through our planned evaluation programme on those and definitely have some good data to look over now. We couldn't have asked for better weather or track conditions to get all the work done, so I'm very happy with that.

Personally, it was great to be able to start pushing the car a bit more in the final session and I really enjoyed just being out there again. I'm so thankful to everyone for making today happen."

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