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Final Pre-Season Test Report

After a bit of a false start (see the 18th of March) the final pre-season test eventually got underway on Wednesday evening. Conditions proved variable but dry running in the first and (partly) second runs of the afternoon were complimented by wet runs in the third and fourth, meaning the team were able to analyse the car in all conditions.

Jordan summarised the day:

"First of all, it was absolutely fantastic to be back in the car. February was essentially a shakedown of the car following all the work we'd done to it over the winter so today was the first time we did some proper running in earnest. The track has changed quite a lot since last year due to a total resurfacing so every lap was a learning experience for me. We also had a list of jobs to get through today and we managed to tick them all off so overall it's been a perfect day for us."

"I felt comfortable with the car in all conditions, which is very important and we've identified a few areas where we want to explore different things on the Saturday before the first race so it's been a very useful day."

"I felt comfortable with the car in all conditions, which is very important"

"I'm so excited to get back racing again and it's great to know we'll be out again doing just that in under two weeks' time!"

The team now move to Banff for the Easter weekend to officially launch their 2018 outfit and prepare for the season proper. It's a very exciting time!

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