Getting Dizzy at Okayama

After mixed fortunes at the opening round of the SMRC eSports Lockdown Cup at Oulton Park, the team looked to improve on their fortunes in the MX5 at round two, taking place at the Okayama International Circuit in Japan.


"Most of the corners are very similar, which means if you can't quite nail one, then you struggle pretty much everywhere."

It was obvious from testing that the field-spread at Okayama was extremely close - a few tenths could make all the difference between a front-row start and lining-up 10th, so qualifying would be crucial. Jordan eventually ended the 10-minute session in 4th place - something he was satisfied with.

"I've really be struggling to find the right groove around here in the MX5" he said. "Most of the corners are very similar, which means if you can't quite nail one, then you struggle pretty much everywhere. I as bracing for a tough grid slot, but I'm pleasantly surprised with fourth."

Race 1

At the lights, Jordan's getaway was enough to maintain fourth, but he soon found himself under pressure and as the lap unfolded, he dropped to sixth. The fighting was fierce but on lap two disaster would strike (not for the last time that evening) as a driver behind tapped him into a spin at Redman corner. Having to wait until he had fallen to 16th before re-joining, deja vu from Oulton Park set in and the hard work began!

Steady progress and some fantastic racing eventually resulted in Jordan taken 11th spot at the flag.

Race 2

Starting 11th, it would be key for Jordan to put in another steady performance to make it into the top-eight by the flag (these being reversed on the grid for race three).

At just over five minutes in to the 15-minute sprint, Jordan was up to 9th and progressing nicely. Just one more overtake would put him on pole position for the final outing.

At the halfway point, he was up to 7th and engaged in a tight battle with two others.

Then, in an almost identical incident to race one, Jordan was tapped into a spin at Redman corner by the driver behind.

It was a critical incident that sent him once more plummeting down the order to 22nd. With less than half the race to go, any chance of capitalising on the race three reverse-grid was gone.

A valiant comeback drive took Jordan to 17th on the last lap, before the familiar tap on the rear sent him around once more into Hair Pin corner and dropping him to 18th by the flag.

Race 3

It was a case of 'once more into the carnage' and Jordan prepared to take to the track for the final time, his 18th sport starting position putting him right in the middle of the pack.

17th off the line, this time it was Jordan's turn to make a mistake into Redman, out-braking himself, making contact with the car ahead and taking to the gravel to avoid further contact. The put him down to 26th and pretty much summed-up his evening!

The rest of the race was spent in close company with Michael Macpherson (who had started last due to an internet connection issue) and the pair gradually worked their way up to 15th and 16th by the flag, Jordan finishing behind.

One final sting in the tail was to come on the last lap as one final car contact penalty pushed Jordan over the limit for a drive-through penalty, meaning he was classified 30th.

"Some of the smashes I drove past actually had me laughing out-loud!"

"I'm definitely not sorry for that to be over!" said Jordan. "I was very happy with qualifying but pretty much everything after that was a disaster. Getting turned-around three times in one night through no fault of your own is not a great feeling, but to be honest I was able to salvage some enjoyment form the evening."

"After the first couple of incidents I just tried to have fun and there was a lot of craziness on-show through the rest of the pack for me to avoid. Some of the smashes I drove past actually had me laughing out-loud! In real-life this would obviously be quite a serious and demoralising few races, but in the sim at least it doesn't cost anything and I was able to have a bit of a laugh."

"Hopefully things will calm down a bit driving-standard-wise next week and we can have some good races."

The next round of the Lockdown Cup takes place at the now-gone Oran Park circuit in Australian on Wednesday the 3rd of February.

Jordan currently sits 9th in the championship standings.

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