Let's Go RACING!

Who's in the mood for some GOOD news? We are absolutely delighted to be taking part in the Scottish Motor Racing Club's eSport Championship - starting this week!

With live sport worldwide on-hold at the moment, we could all do with a little motorsport hit to brighten our days. It's all very well watching archive footage of old races, but there's something about the unpredictability and excitement of live racing which will always be missing unless the drivers are actually out there doing it for real. Step up the world of Sim Racing!

Modern racing simulations provide the physics and the graphics to make the racing real. And whilst other sports involve the competitors performing completely different actions to take part in the virtual world, Sim Racing means drivers are actually accelerating, steering and braking at home on their simulator rigs.

And the reality doesn't stop there. The SMRC eSport Championship will be streamed LIVE on the club's Facebook page - complete with professional presentation and live commentary - for YOU to tune in and enjoy!

This is as real as it gets folks!

The format is simple; a separate championship for each platform (Xbox, Playstation & PC), with competitors taking part in mid-week qualification heats, consisting of a single qualifying session and race. The top drivers from each heat race progress to the main event, each Sunday in April, consisting of a 10-minute qualifying session and two 12-lap races - JUST LIKE A REAL SMRC RACE WEEKEND - where the points will be handed out.

The calendar mixes-up the circuits and cars to ensure that the winner is really a master of all disciplines in the Sim Racing world! More details on the championship, rules and calendar here: https://www.smrc.co.uk/championships/esports/

We are racing on the PC format, with our first event being heat number 5 at 8pm on Thursday the 2nd of April. Tune in, cheer us on and scratch that motorsport itch!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates and news on future race times.


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