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Racing is BACK!

Following directly on from the team's official launch yesterday, today marks the announcement of the 2020 Scottish Formula Ford Renegade Cup!

This fantastic initiative has only been made possible by some hard work, collaborations and inventive thinking behind the scenes and we applaud those who have helped to turn the nightmare scenario of zero track-time for 2020 into a full-blown competitive series with testing days!

The series will consist of:

29th-31st August - Oulton Park

Racing as part of the HSCC Heritage Formula Ford Championship with a separate Scottish Renegade class

13th September - Knockhill

Competing as part of the Super Lap Scotland layout

17th-18th October - Knockhill

Full qualifying + two-race event, including the prestigious David Leslie Trophy

With three competitive outings and two different circuits, the Renegade Cup is shaping up to be something far beyond any of our expectations for the year.

The team fully supports this series and offers our sincere thanks to those individuals behind the scenes who have made this happen, including the Historic Sports Car Club, Knockhill Motor Sports Club and Super Lap Scotland.

Jordan said:

"Today's announcement is the result of some amazing work by a few individuals who have shown some incredible passion for our sport in Scotland. It is quite astounding to think that just six weeks ago we were facing the very real possibility of having absolutely no way of taking a Scottish Formula Ford car out on track at all this year and in that short space of time, thanks to some real initiative and a great can-do attitude, we now have three competitive events on top of the testing at Knockhill next weekend."

"Personally, it will be amazing to race at Oulton Park - a circuit I have done many laps on in the simulator, but never physically visited. On top of that, the SLS experience will be another awesome one, with the pressure of putting that one timed lap together perfectly in the final shootout giving you a unique buzz. Then to have a final full-blown race weekend at Knockhill to round-out the year, especially with the David Leslie Trophy at stake - I can't wait to get stuck in!"

"The icing on the cake of the Renegade Cup is that it is open to any vintage of formula ford and with such a variety on offer, it is the absolutely perfect way for those who have a car but haven't been out in a while, or those looking to get involved in the series for the first time, to really experience all of what formula ford can offer for relatively little commitment or expense compared to a full season. I really hope we see as many new faces and welcome back as many old faces as possible through this amazing initiative."

Stay tuned to the team's social media pages for updates as they prepare for the first round at Oulton Park at the end of August!

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