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On the face of it, the 2019 Scottish Formula Ford Championship Title was secured thanks to the team scoring more points then their opposition during the season. However, to simplify the achievement as such is to discount years of hard work, help and support, which all contributed not only to the title itself, but more importantly, to the journey. Jordan released the following statement on the team's Facebook page to acknowledge many of those who helped build the 20-year journey that turned a father and son having fun at weekends into the Champions of Scotland:

Well, we’ve done it! On Sunday we achieved something that none of us even dreamed of when we started racing. To become Scottish Formula Ford Champion is an unbelievable feeling beyond any words I have. But that title – and every time I hear it or see it written down it gets better and better – is very much the tip of a 20-year iceberg. I realize this is a long post, but would really appreciate everyone reading as much as they can. Everyone and everything below is a part of this amazing achievement and I owe it all to them. So without any more waffle, THANK YOU to:

My Dad. For being everything and for giving everything – from the first spark that ignited my imagination as a little boy to the cold, late nights working on the car and the countless things in between. We have, and always will be, a team – this is your title as much as mine!

My mum, Anne Gronkowski. For her unending support –emotional, physical and financial! And also for passing onto me her determination, strength and resolve, as well as her fundamental belief in fair-play and sportsmanship, which are cornerstones of who I am as a driver and a person.

My wife, Karen Gronkowski and our beautiful daughter, Holly. For being there for me during the highs and the lows and for making me so happy every single day of my life. Without you two to make me complete out of the car, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as competitive in the car.

My sister, Pamela Singer. For being a part of me and sharing an unbreakable bond that, no matter how far apart we are, is always there to make me one and a whole.

My Grandparents, who didn’t get to share this moment with us on earth but who I know would have been proud – especially Grandma Gronkowski and Granda Smith; Having you both with me on those early kart races all over Scotland meant more to me than I ever told you and I’ll remember those times forever.

My Family – absolutely everyone who makes up my extended family in Scotland and all over the world. It’s quite amazing to think we’re all one family and it gives me strength to have you all in my corner.

My Friends. I don’t get to see you as often as we used to when we were kids or at Uni but just knowing you’re out there somewhere for me makes me stronger.

Grampian Kart Club and everyone who contributed and still contributes to the club in any way. There is little more special in my racing history than the memories of my first visit, my first laps, my first win, my first championship – all possible due to the existence of the club.

John Walker. Your support and help over the years was absolutely fundamental in allowing us to start karting and then to progress into cars. Without you we would never have progressed to anywhere near where we are now.

Richard Burke and John Lovie – your support and sponsorship during our first seasons in karting made it possible for us to race and for that I will always be hugely grateful.

Judith Munro and of course Alistair. Your generosity knows no bounds! Without your help we would never have raced all over Scotland and built the foundations we did in the sport. I really hope Alistair would have been proud.

Greg Moir & George Moir. Dad and I forever considered you two the gold standard. George’s advice was always something I took to heart and listened to and even nowadays I still hear his voice in my head and we still quote him to each other at the track.

If motorsport and Bryce Wilson. For giving me the opportunity to move from karts into cars through the Alex John Forrest scholarship. Racing in cars was never even on our radar before the scholarship became a reality and without you I firmly believe we would have never left the go-kart track.

Ian Forrest, Sandy Forrest and Vic Covey Senior. For being prominent figures alongside the If Motorsport team during my first car racing season, and since. Your advice was and is always appreciated and I continue to try my very best to live up to your praise.

Graham Brunton. For showing me the way into Formula Ford. Once we entered the world of car racing, that was the dream for us and you helped us get there – especially in the early years through my first test in a single seater and all the help and advice as we got started.

Knockhill Racing Circuit. Simply for existing in the first place but also for providing such an amazing facility that stuck in a young boy’s mind after my first visit in 1999 and still fills me with a passion and an excitement every time I pass through the entry gates.

The Scottish Motor Racing Club. For giving us the opportunity to complete and to honor such legends of the sport every time we take to the track. It is truly humbling for me to race for and to be a member of this club. To now be a part of the club’s history and join the roll of champions is mind-blowing!

Elaine & John Loebell and Medina Spares. For the advice and help in understanding how to get the best out of these cars and for your patience with all my questions!

Every single one of our sponsors. And that means anyone and everyone who have sponsored us at any point over the past 20-years. ALL of this support has made this championship possible, whether it was in 1999, 2009, 2019 or any time in between.

And of course a special thank you to our #MyRaceSpace members past and present and our official Sponsors this year:

Angelwax Limited

Henry Group Industries

1Plus1 Accountancy Services

Highland Fuels

Ferguslie Garage

Balgownie Ltd

Macduff Shipyards

The Galley

Agri Gifts

Celebrations of Turriff

Commercial Oils


To anyone else who has every helped, supported or promoted us or given me any advice – thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I haven’t mentioned you by name it’s definitely not through lack of gratitude I simply don't have the space to list everyone! Thank You!

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