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The (Not Quite) Final Test Report

The final pre-season test for 2018 was always going to be an intriguing one. With the first test beleaguered by freezing rain and a slipperier-than-usual surface, test two would prove the day that most of the 2018 field assembled for the first time and everyone would try to work out what the pecking order was going into the new season.

However, this is as close as we (or anyone else) got to the test:

A sudden cold snap from the east; bringing snow, hail and icy winds, descended on the Knockhill racing circuit on Friday night, forcing the track to cancel Saturday's motorbike test day. Sunday morning conditions were, if anything, worse and so the car test was doomed before it had started.

On the one had this is a bit of a pain for everyone involved as getting out for some proper mileage in the race car after a winter's break is always an exciting time, plus the teams all have a wish-list of work to get through before the real action begins. But on the other, the weather has played an exciting joker card to make the build-up to the 2018 season one of the most unpredictable in recent memory.

Not only has there been extremely limited running (and in the case of most drivers, none at all) prior to the first race of the year but the entire Knockhill circuit has also been resurfaced in the off-season - making for a different experience for all from previous years. All this together means that (for the impartial observer at least) we are in for one exciting day on the 8th of April!

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