Your feet just press the pedals in a racecar, right? WRONG! Educate the non-racers in your family with these novely one-size-fits-all tube socks. From 'Accelerate', 'Brake' and 'Pedal' to 'Fuel', 'Caliper' and 'Weight Transfer', these socks are covered with snippets of info linked to the many car and driving functions that your feet control when on the racetrack. Let your socks do the talking and proudly show off how you 'Drive with your Feet'.



Due to the limitations of the printing process, exact placement of words cannot be guaranteed. Socks will be fully printed on the front and reverse using the template image shown.

#33 Speed Demon 'Drive with your Feet' Tube Socks

  • Material:

    • 100% polyester.
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