The Championship

The Scottish Formula Ford Championship is Scotland's premiere single-seater racing category. The series races across a season from April till October at the Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife. Races are contested on both the conventional and anti-clockwise circuit throughout the year, adding an extra twist to the action.

The championship is controlled via a complete set of tightly-monitored regulations, stipulating that all cars must use the same engine, gearbox and tyres. However, the unique feature of Formula Ford amongst other single-engine formulae is maintained whereby multiple chassis manufacturers are represented on the grid. This ensures a constant development war and technical differences between the cars and adds further to the depth of the series.

Formula Ford is also a perfect championship to showcase true wheel-to-wheel racing in a single-seater series as all aerodynamic downforce aids (wings) are prohibited. This means that there is no 'dirty air' effect as in Formula 1 which stops the cars following closely behind each other and results in multi-car battles all down the grid.

The Championship is run by the Scottish Motor Racing Club.